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One of my very good friend’s, named Lee, is in the same field as me, producing content for film, commercials, and web.  He’s got a company called The Harold Group, which reps directors and writers for commercial production. Here’s a link to his company site:

Anyway, I’ve known this guy for a long time and we’ve spent many great nights with drink in hand discussing films and our various relationships, etc…He’s now happily married with kids.  What he didn’t tell me is that he dabbled in acting years back, in a “former” life, much like myself. And one of the films he played a pivotal role in was none other than INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE.  He was bitten on the neck by Tom in a pivotal scene, while Brad Pitt scored himself some poodles.  I will forever live vicariously through my friend Lee and he’ll always have to wonder whether or not I have ulterior motives with him being my friend. Here’s the famous clip of him playing Tom’s victim.