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$cientology Messiah, Tom Cruise, is kidnapped by the evil jigsaw. But the tables quickly turn as the cunning celebrity convinces his captor that perhaps $cientology is a better solution than elaborate death traps- Chris R. Notarile, Writer and Director of Saw-Entology

This video was shot in only a few hours, run and gun, in the basement of Chris Notarile’s apartment in Jersey.  Chris, of Blinky Productions, is quite the Renaissance Man. He writes, produces, acts, distributes, scores, and even costume designs his films. Namely, he is in the business of producing comic book fan fiction. Here’s a link to his prolific youtube page:

Chris submitted the video to the MTV MOVIE AWARDS movie parody contest. Although most appreciated by the viewing public, we lost…not surprisingly, probably due to the “controversial” subject matter. See, I’ve made a point, in my short lived career of impersonating Tom Cruise, of never poking fun at Tom’s personal life, namely his role in Scientology or rumors of his homosexuality.  I’ll leave that to South Park and those individuals who can afford a major lawsuit on their hands. My impression has always been more of a caricature of Tom’s most recognizable attributes…his boisterous laugh, pearly white smile that stretches from ear to ear, his hyper kinetic energy, and his quiet intensity.  I don’t aim to look exactly like him. Hell, I’m nearly half his age and I’m Jewish. Instead, I try to channel his persona, emulate his manneurisms, and match his charisma.  And when it works, it works.

In the video above, I think Chris did a great job marrying the footage from SAW with Tom Cruise’s Philosophy and Religion. I think this piece is pretty comical and proved to be a challenging bit for me as an actor.

  1. Kimiko Lusby says:

    Located your website via google the other day and absolutely like it. Keep up the truly amazing work.

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