Megastar Tom Cruise Hosts Southern Wine and Spirits Annual Conference

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Uncategorized
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One of the most thrilling times I’ve had doing my Cruise impression was when I performed LIVE on stage at the Southern Wine and Spirits Annual Conference in Long Island. A close friend of mine, who was employed by the beverage company, asked me to participate in an hilarious skit to be performed in front of hundreds of RUFFINO WINE salespeople, for the purpose of boosting their morale.  Playing TOM CRUISE, I was called up on stage as the “NEW SPOKESMAN FOR RUFFINO WINES.” I was to engage in an interview type scenario, much like “Letterman”, with the president of Ruffino Winery, Adolfo Folonari.  None of the audience saw this coming. As I reached the stage, with the familiar beat of mission impossible surging through my veins,  I immediately felt this exhilaration from the crowd.  After a few fist pumps and a rousing “Oprah Style” couch jump, I took my seat and began.

After the success of this live performance, I realized that this impersonation business could be alot of fun.



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